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How to Get a scholarship 2020 – Apply for Full Scholarships

How to Get a scholarship 2020 - Apply for Fully Funded Scholarships

Here’s how to get a scholarship in 2020 using the best strategy to apply for fully funded scholarships.

How to Get a scholarship 2020 / 2021- Apply for Fully funded Scholarships

The feeling of getting a scholarship is amazing and fulfilling, but some people still think that scholarships are just out of there reach. Lack of money or poverty shouldn’t have stand between you and getting the degree you want, home or abroad.

Scholarships are offered year round and for the records, hundreds of fully funded scholarships are available which can cover all the cost or at least most of the cost of any program you wish to study.

It is still Unfortunate that many students don’t apply for scholarships knowing fully well that the cost of studying in a university is rising higher each year. The truth is attending college is much more expensive than in the past.

Understanding Fully Funded Scholarships

Fully Funded Scholarship is a Scholarship that takes care of all the Financial Burden of your Schooling upon itself, thereby providing a conducive Learning space for International Students.

Note that a lot of scholarships come as tuition fee waivers while some only pays for living expenses, some give you a partial cash grant, but there are actually fully funded scholarship programs to Study abroad that takes care of both tuition cost and living expenses and sometimes include travel costs, book allowance, insurance, etc..

So How Do I Get a Scholarships?

To get a scholarship, start your search as early as possible to avoid putting pressure on yourself.

The best way to search for fully funded scholarships to apply is by using an online scholarship website like this. The aim is to save you the time of reading through long and boring scholarship descriptions.

The more time you can put into your scholarship search, the more options you’ll have. There’s no limit to the amount of scholarships you can apply for so apply for as many as you can.

Many of these 2020 Scholarship opportunities you’ll find here calculate what it will cost and send it as a fund to your account directly, some go-ahead to pay out all you need without you having the money handy.

Check eligibility before you apply for scholarships

Okay, so now you have your large list of possible scholarships you find on Apply Degree, the next step is to find out which scholarships you’re actually eligible for, as each scholarship has its own requirements.

Apply Degree gives you an idea of who is eligible and how to apply for the scholarships.

By doing this you’ll be able to get the scholarships most appropriate for you and then you can spend time working on your application for them.

When to Apply for a Scholarship?

Apply for scholarships whenever you can. That depends on each scholarship’s deadline. Generally, Scholarships, both federal and privately funded, have their applications and deadlines at certain points of the year

“When to apply for scholarship” as in “what time of year” depends on the scholarship deadlines. Most scholarship deadlines are between September and May. It is best to apply regularly to scholarship opportunities that you find. You can create a schedule and goal. For example, say you apply to two scholarships per week, this way, you can maximize your opportunities.

Apply Degree brings you the top fully funded scholarships for undergraduate international students, fully funded masters scholarships for developing countries, etc and study in any part of the world

Make sure you read the application carefully, follow all instructions, fill it out completely, and meet the application deadline. You’ll find the Links.

Apply for undergraduate scholarships

Apply for Master’s Scholarships

Apply for PhD scholarships

7 Tips For Winning Scholarship

Winning a full scholarship doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are my 7 secret tips for winning a scholarship and studying abroad!

1. Be Unique and Stand out!

Each and everyone of us have something that makes us unique and different from others. Whatever it is that makes you unique, different use it to craft a captivating application that gets the scholarship reviewers attention. There is no limit to what experiences you can use to demonstrate your diversity or uniqueness.

Is good to make use of your experiences from being an ethnic minority student or if you are the first person in your family who will go abroad, use these aspects of your background to enhance your application. By incorporating these experiences into your application, you will gain an advantage over other applicants who fail to act similarly, this will help you because most scholarship programs are always looking to diversify their pool of scholarship receiver.

2. Increase your Odds 

Another way that can increase your chances of winning a scholarship, as stated above, is by applying as many scholarships as possible. The more scholarships you apply for, the better chance you have of winning. This point might seem obvious too, but most students only apply for 1-3 scholarships believing that number is enough to cover the cost of their study abroad program. To be on a safer side this approach is a one major  mistake student make. Very few individual scholarships can pay for your entire study abroad program. So to increase your odds of winning several full scholarships that can pay for your studies, you will need to apply for at least 10-20 scholarships. Give yourself 5-6 months of preparation time to ensure the process is not so tedious.

3. Select Non-Traditional Locations and Critical Languages

Another way to increase your chances of winning scholarship is by applying to study in non- traditional locations or critical languages. Many scholarship programs want to provide scholarships to applicants going to diverse locations, Like India, Kuwait, Australia, Japan etc. 

The idea here is that, the more uncommon the destination, the better your chances for receiving certain scholarships. For instance, if you are applying for a scholarship to study in London and 10,000 other students hand in quality applications to study in London, your chances of winning the scholarship is little.

But however, if you are planning to study in a country like India, Australia and only 500 applicants hand in applications to study in there, you have a better chance of winning.

4. Show Your Personal Value 

Although you may freely apply for scholarships, most scholarships come with strings attached. In some cases, your responsibilities might be as simple as sharing your study abroad experience with other students. In other cases, the requirements can be more intense, such as having to agree to serve with the civil service after completing your degree. In some cases, you may have to pay to apply. With these considerations in mind, research the organization providing the scholarship and frame your application in a way that demonstrates your value and how you will contribute to their goals. It is also important that you Visit organization’s website and read about their “mission statement” sections which is a good place to start. 

This will be beneficial as you use their information to craft your essays, resumes, curriculum vitae etc.

5. Your Creativity Matters

Being creative can help you win scholarships. With your creativity, you demonstrate that you are willing to go far and beyond most other scholarship applicants. This dedication will appeal scholarship reviewers who spend hours reading through hundreds of uninteresting applications. Let your application be the one that makes them wake up and pay attention.

Being creative can take many forms. If the scholarship requires a video essay, make a video that engages the reviewer. The last thing you would want to do is open your laptop and press record on your webcam. Put some effort into it. Pay attention to your lighting, and add quality audio and background music. If the application requires a written essay or personal statement, make it as engaging as possible.

Bring out a creative narrative that will not only answers the essay question, but creates images in the reviewers mind. Consider using metaphors or even poetry or foreign quotes written in the language or country of interest. Having your essay stating with a quote in Chinese followed by an explanation that ties into the theme of your essay can work wonders! 

7. Stick to the Rules

One of the major mistake many students do make when applying for a scholarship is that attitude of not following the rules.

Do you really want to disqualify yourself after putting in all the time and effort to apply?

During nearly every scholarship season, some students disqualify themselves from the competition simply by not following the rules. To make sure you will not be among the one of these   students, who fail to obey this rules,is vital to write down the requirements for the scholarship on a checklist. Check off each requirement as you go through the process of completing the application. By paying attention to these rules, you will boost  your chances of receiving a scholarship.

I hope this tips will be of benefit.


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